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Domestic Moving

Moving within Japan? Hire top relocation experts from Kokusai Express Japan and have no worries. Leave all the potential difficulties behind you. We offer to conduct your migration safely, fast and at an affordable price. You can get a moving quote directly on our website. It gives you an opportunity to know your moving expense in advance. Contact us and get the information for your domestic relocation now.

International Moving

Moving abroad is a difficult venture, demanding serious effort. Picking to get help from experienced international and overseas movers from our company makes you sure of not having troubles along the process. Plus, the moving services we offer for international relocation are among the best in Japan. Taking care of safety for you, your family and your personal belongings. And all of that on your moving budget.

Overseas agent

Overseas agents help you prepare for relocation, hire top moving experts to conduct it, and provide you with all sorts of advice for your international relocation. Having their assistance makes a difference in all aspects of your long distance relocation, and primarily it makes a difference in saving your money. Get in touch with us and make all the problems connected to your overseas move you might experience vanish.

CEO & President - Haga Wataru

KSE, established in 1990, is Japan’s leading national logistics company that has been with the economic development of Korea and Japan every step of the way. KSE has realized an optimal logistics service based on the innovations and know-how accumulated in the highly-exclusive Japanese logistics market with high barriers to entry, and is providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and competitiveness. We have grown into a total logistics company that offers logistics across all areas. Our management motto is“CS management”, which puts customer values above all else, and we are concentrating all our resources on establishing a system that will enable on-time deliveries of customer orders without fail and on improving quality. We are also working hard to establish an“efficient management”system through logistics base integration and efficient warehouse management. In accordance with the changing corporate environments in the era of globalization and the trends of international logistics, KSE is accelerating its efforts in“Future Management”that will establish the core capabilities which will allow us to respond to uncertain future events. Hence, KSE plans to continuously innovate logistics information system infrastructures and develop professional Global Logistics personnel. KSE promises to provide customers with the best logistics services by becoming a leading company in the logistics revolution of the 21st Century digital era and a reliable digital logistics specialist.